More About Small Business Majority

We believe​ in the power of entrepreneurship to revitalize local economies: a strong small business community makes a community strong. Small, local businesses are forces for economic development—creating economic opportunity in the neighborhoods where they operate by providing jobs that lead to income growth and helping revitalize challenged areas far more than chain businesses. ​

That's why we w​ork from our 1​0 offices in ​8 states and Washington, D​.​C​.​​ to ​engage our network of ​more than ​50,000 small business owners to get involved in the public policy process and to get educated on resources and opportunities available to them. We reach an additional 500,000 entrepreneurs through our formal strategic partnerships with nearly 150 business organizations such as local and regional chambers. 

  • We advocate for smart public policy to ensure small business success. 
  • We conduct research and economic analyses to determine small business owners’ needs and concerns. 
  • Our entrepreneurship program delivers education and practical resources to ​address those needs.
  • We make a special effort to focus on promoting entrepreneurship among women and in communities of color
  • We communicate the needs of America’s entrepreneurs through the media and other channels. 

Small business owners are pragmatic, not ideological. And contrary to a long-held misconception, they are not reflexively anti-government. But, they want government to understand their needs and respond in a constructive manner. Therefore, we work with policymakers on a national and state level to advocate for policies that create jobs and maximize business opportunities and cost savings in tax reform, healthcare, clean energy, access to capital, infrastructure, workforce and more.

The small business community is vast, diverse and dynamic. It includes six million small employers with 43 million employees and nearly 22 million self-employed people, with varying political points of view. Despite their diversity, they have at least one critical thing in common: Together, these entrepreneurs create more than half of our nation’s jobs, drive innovation, grow the economy and anchor our communities.

Our economic policy agenda

We promote an economic agenda that focuses on supporting small business, and with it our entire economy.  This agenda: 

  1. Creates the environment for small businesses to thrive by:
    1. Investing in America, including the new economy
    2. Driving demand for small business goods and services
    3. Ensuring a level playing field 
    4. Eliminating financial burdens 
  2. Ensures that small businesses have the resources to succeed via:
    1. Access to capital
    2. Access to information/education and resources
    3. Access to a skilled workforce 

Key topics:

Our Entrepreneurship Program

Small Business Majority’s Entrepreneurship Program delivers resources and information to entrepreneurs in key areas of running a small business. We identify and provide education about products, services and business and policy solutions that help strengthen existing small businesses and allow would-be entrepreneurs take the next step in launching their business. Our work is informed by our strong partnerships with business leaders, policymakers and, most important, small business owners.

Program activities include:

  • In-person presentations and webinars
  • Materials that are distributed to entrepreneurs
  • Small business roundtables
  • Blog posts, op-eds and letters to the editor about new and trending entrepreneurship issues
  • Highlights of strategic partners’ programs and events

Core program areas: