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Small Businesses Say Keep Our Care

Keep Our Care

Repealing the healthcare law will cause tremendous instability in the markets and cause premiums to skyrocket, hurting small businesses and the economy overall. These are risks we just can’t afford to take. Please stand with small businesses and use your vote to stave off repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Support Work-Based Learning in California

Work-Based Learning

We have a unique opportunity to match the next generation of Californians ready and willing to learn with employers who want to help prepare the workforce of the future. We believe taking simple steps like participating in a career fair, offering job shadowing opportunities and providing company tours can help more small businesses create meaningful educational and training opportunities for our state’s youth.

Protect Small Business from Predatory Lending in Colorado

Loan Shark

As a small business owner, I know how important affordable loans are to helping local businesses grow and thrive. Unfortunately, too many small business owners are unable to take the next step to improve their business – like investing in new technology or hiring more employees – because they are unable to take out a loan. What’s more, recent efforts to raise interest rates would make it even harder for small business owners to access the loans they need.

Show Your Commitment to Opportunity Youth!

Opportunity Youth

As small business owners, we are committed to addressing this challenge that affects our companies, the communities we work in and our entire country. We strongly believe in developing new sources of skilled entry-level talent, expanding opportunities for youth who are out of school and out of work, and investing in our communities. Today, we pledge to create meaningful opportunities for our nation’s youth.

Religious Exemption Laws are Wrong for Colorado

Religious exemption laws are wrong for Colorado

Around the country, many states are considering religious exemption measures that would effectively legalize discrimination against LGBT people. These bills have chilling impacts on local economies by driving away customers and talented employees and making it hard for small businesses to remain competitive. We need to make sure Colorado doesn't make the mistake of adopting a religious exemption law. Add your name to our pledge to support a fair and inclusive business environment in Colorado.