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USA Today: Self-employed give thumbs up to Obamacare

  • On Jan. 20, the president delivered the 2015 State of the Union address, highlighting many key issues for small employers. Read our statement.
  • On Nov. 20, the president announced executive actions to reform the nation's immigration system. Read our statement.
  • On Nov. 18, Small Business Majority released scientific polling showing small businesses believe Illinois needs to do more to help workers prepare for retirement, and support legislation doing so. Read the report.
  • Nov. 15 marked enrollment in the health insurance marketplaces opened and the national launch of the online portion of the small business marketplace. Read about them here.
  • On Nov. 13, Small Business Majority released a scientific opinion poll showing small business owners are hiring, but are having a hard time finding qualified candidates to fill the spot. The poll surveyed small business owners nationally and in Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin.
  • On Nov. 12, Small Business Majority released an assessment of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan on small businesses, showing it can help create market opportunities and mitigate the risk of climate change and extreme weather wrecking havoc on small businesses. Read the full report.
  • On Oct. 30, Small Business Majority released a scientific opinion poll showing small business owners believe big corporations have more of an impact on government and the political process than small companies, and support significant reforms to the electoral process overall.
  • On Oct. 24, the Department of Health and Human Services launched early online access to small business health insurance marketplaces in five states. Learn how this can help small businesses access more affordable insurance.
  • On October 2, PNC released its biannual Economic Outlook Survey showing that of the 38% of businesses who say the extreme weather in the first quarter of 2014 had a negative impact on their business, half say their business still has not fully recovered.
  • On September 18, Small Business Majority's California Director and Healthcare Policy Director David Chase delivered testimony during a Covered California board meeting opposing Proposition 45, which would give the California Insurance Commissioner greater authority to regulate health insurance rates.
  • Healthcare Policy Director David Chase peer reviewed a health policy brief for Health Affairs journal on employee choice in the small business health insurance marketplaces. Read the brief here.
  • On September 16, Small Business Majority released its Economic Agenda for America’s Future, a set of short and long-term policy recommendations government leaders can follow to ensure an environment where entrepreneurs, and our economy, can thrive. The Agenda outlines things Washington can do to bolster small business – including simple actions that can be taken during the next few months.
  • On Aug. 6, Small Business Majority announced it will be expanding its regional operations with the opening of a Chicago office, and the addition of two new senior Directors who will help strengthen the organization's 14 office/10 state regional operations, further increasing Small Business Majority's ability to reach and educate small businesses across the country. Read about the expansion here.
  • On Aug 1, Small Business Majority launched a new website dedicated to helping small businesses share their experiences with the Export-Import Bank, which has been financing the export of American goods and services for the past 80 years but is in danger of being shut down if Congress doesn't reauthorize it now. Share your experiences at the Ex-Im Thought Bank, and we'll send your messages directly to Members of Congress.
  • On July 29 & 30, Small Business Majority staff and members of its small business owner network testified in Denver, CO, and Washington, D.C., before the Environmental Protection Agency about the impact stronger carbon standards would have on the small business community. Read about the Denver hearing here.
  • On July 17, Outreach Director Grant Lahmann spoke at an event with Secretary Sylvia Burwell at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, where he discussed the new small business health insurance marketplaces.
  • On July 10, Small Business Majority released the results of a scientific opinion poll showing Louisiana small business owners believe protecting their state's natural assets is important to the success of local communities, and support extending the life of the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund, which helps protect the state's public lands.
  • On June 24, Small Business Majority staff members Jarvez Hall and Tim Gaudette joined Small Business Network Member Lisa Goodbee on stage with former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to announce Small Business Majority's commitment to get 100 small employers to sign a pledge vowing to create job opportunities for young people to help bridge the gap between youth who are out of school and out of work, and small businesses having a hard time filling entry-level positions. Learn more here.
  • On June 23, Small Business Network Member Lisa Goodbee joined Chelsea Clinton at the Clinton Foundation's No Ceilings event in Denver to discuss more ways to get young women into STEM fields.
  • On June 23, Northeast Outreach Manager Erik Rettig, along with small business owners in Small Business Majority's network, attended the White House Summit on Working Families. View photos of the event here.
  • On June 2, Small Business Majority's Tim Gaudette and Network Council Member Lisa Goodbee joined Secretary Hillary Clinton for a roundtable event on youth opportunity in Denver.
  • On June 2, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed first-ever rules that would limit carbon emissions from power plants. Reducing carbon emissions will help curb climate change and reduce the extreme weather events it causes, which hurt our economy and wreak havoc on small businesses’ bottom lines. Read our statement.
  • On May 27, CEO John Arensmeyer participated in the San Francisco Lead Up Event to the White House Summit on Working Families, where he participated in a panel titled "The California Experience and the Business Case for Working Family Policy."
  • On May 21, President Obama signed a proclamation establishing Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks in south-central New Mexico as a national monument. Read our statement.
  • On May 16, Small Business Majority announced the winner of the National Small Business Week photo contest. Small Business Majority also hosted a Twitter storm on technology and entrepreneurship and held a webinar on patent reform for small businesses.
  • On May 15, Small Business Majority hosted a Twitter storm and held a host of free webinars and conference calls on healthcare law and issues as part of National Small Business Week.
  • On May 14, Small Business Majority held a free webinar for small business owners on how to work with their local media, and hosted a Twitter storm and webinar on workforce issues as part of National Small Business Week.
  • On May 13, Small Business Majority held a free webinar on what the healthcare law means for Illinois small businesses, and hosted a Twitter storm and webinar on immigration issues as part of National Small Business Week.
  • On May 12, Small Business Majority kicked off National Small Business Week by attending an event at Twitter where SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi spoke. Small Business Majority also hosted a Twitter storm and free webinar around energy issues, as well as a free conference call for small business owners on how to use social media for their businesses.
  • On May 6 & 7, CEO John Arensmeyer participated in and moderated panel discussions at the Association for Enterprise Opportunity's national conference in New Orleans. Learn more.
  • On April 29, Small Business Majority released a scientific opinion poll nationally and in California, Illinois, Kentucky, Nevada and Minnesota showing small business owners agree our nation’s patent system needs to be reformed and support legislation that would strengthen it.
  • On April 21, Small Business Majority released a scientific opinion poll showing the vast majority of New York small businesses support increasing the minimum wage and granting cities and counties the authority to set higher minimum wages above the state level. Read the report.
  • On April 9, Ohio Outreach Manager Jackiethia Butsch testified in front of the Ohio Senate Public Utilities Committee on SB 310, legislation that would “freeze” Ohio’s energy efficiency standards at 2014 levels, which would be bad news for the countless small businesses who have already realized the benefit of these standards. Read her testimony here.
  • A report from RAND Corporation shows enrollment in employer-sponsored insurance increased by 8.2 million since September 2013. Many of those who gained insurance were previously uninsured. Businesses, including small businesses, play a huge role in getting Americans insured, and this report underscores that fact.
  • On April 7, Vice President Biden swore in Maria Contreras-Sweet as administrator of the Small Business Administration. Give Administrator Contreras-Sweet feedback as she takes the SBA’s reins.
  • Rhett Buttle, Vice President of External Affairs, spoke on a panel hosted by the Women's Institute for Secure Retirement on April 2 on small businesses and retirement security. The U.S. currently suffers from a retirement savings gap of more than $6 trillion, and more than 38 million households do not have any retirement savings at all. Unless small business owners and their employees start doing more to prepare for the future, many Americans will not have enough money for their golden years.