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Health insurance premium tax credit calculator

Starting in 2010, up to 4 million small businesses that offer healthcare coverage to their employees may be eligible for a tax credit. Fill in the amounts below to find out what your tax credit will be.

To qualify, a small business must:


Owners are excluded, and should not be counted in number of employees, wages, or premium contribution amount.

Tax credits can't be larger than actual income tax liability.

For detailed information about how the tax credit works and other issues related to the new law and small businesses, see this list of frequently asked questions. We'll be adding to this document regularly.

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  Tax credit calculator

Note: This does not constitute tax advice. Contact your tax professional for information regarding your refund or tax liability.
This is a preliminary estimate, and is contingent upon accurate inputs for FTEs, average wages, and employer premium contribution as defined by the provisions of the healthcare legislation. Go to the IRS website for more information.

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