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Our Research: Taxes and leveling the playing field

Small business owners are the backbone of our economy, yet they feel at a disadvantage when it comes to tax policies, especially those that favor large corporations, and support targeted policies they see as benefitting the vast majority of small firms, not those that only benefit a few.

Small Businesses Want Long-Term Solution to Debt Ceiling Issue
National opinion polling reveals the majority of small business owners desire a long-term solution to our recurring debt-ceiling issue rather than a short-term one, and believe we cannot continue allowing politicians to hold the economy hostage to their particular spending priorities.

Opinion Poll: Small Business Views on the Fiscal Cliff and Proposals to Address it
According to scientific opinion polling, the vast majority of small business owners, nearly eight in 10, are aware of this situation, and they’re concerned. Strong majorities are worried about nearly every aspect of the fiscal cliff we polled them on. As a solution, our leading job creators are looking to retain tax provisions targeting the majority of small businesses, and remove ones that benefit only a few.

Opinion Poll: Small Business Views on Taxes and the Role of Government
On Oct. 25, Small Business Majority released opinion polling that found the majority of small business owners believe tax cuts on high-income earners should expire at the end of the year, and that government can play an effective role in helping small firms succeed.

Small business owners' opinions on taxes and leveling the economic playing field
A staggering 90% of small business owners believe big corporations use loopholes to avoid taxes that small businesses have to pay—and 92% say big corporations’ use of such loopholes is a problem.


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