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Bagel Shop Gets Relief Thanks to Tax Credits

Matt Grove

Matt Grove
Bagel Grove
Utica, NY

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Our Research: Entrepreneurship and Capital

Many small business owners depend on their proximity to various lands and outdoor wonders as tourism lures to attract consumers. Some even utilize their environment to create a business that revolves around it. Small Business Majority commissioned scientific opinion polling to understand the importance of these lands to the overall health and vitality of small businesses. The preservation of these lands is vital to many small businesses - they bring in consumers, boost the bottom lines of many businesses and bolster local economies and communities.

Louisiana Small Business Owners Want Public Lands Protected & Preserved
On July 10, 2014, Small Business Majority released the results of a scientific opinion poll showing Louisiana small business owners believe protecting their state's natural assets is important to the success of local communities, and support extending the life of the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund, which helps protect the state's public lands.

Small Business Owners Support ‘All-of-the-Above’ Energy Policy that Protects Public Lands
Scientific opinion polling reveals small business owners in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico believe protecting their region’s natural assets is one way we can enhance the financial success of small businesses and local economies.


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