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Small Business Majority Research

Small Business Majority uses extensive scientific opinion and economic research to provide small business owners, advocates, policymakers and others with the information and tools they need to navigate through complex small business issues. We commission opinion research on the national and state levels to determine small business owners’ views on a range of topics including taxes, budget and the economy; healthcare; immigration; energy; entrepreneurship; workforce issues; and government accountability. Our research also examines the effect these policies have on small businesses and the economy as a whole.

We use our research findings to communicate the need for strong small business-friendly measures to policymakers, and we educate small business owners and entrepreneurs on how these polices shape their bottom line. We also take our data and build support among those in the small business community for laws that will help small firms grow their business and make them more financially viable in this economy.


Latest research:

Small Businesses Believe Illinois Needs to do More to Help Workers Prepare for Retirement, Support Legislation Doing So
Small Business Majority released scientific polling showing small businesses believe Illinois needs to do more to help workers prepare for retirement, and support legislation doing so.

Small Business Owners are Hiring, but are Struggling to Find the Right Job Candidates
Small Business Majority released a scientific opinion poll showing small business owners are hiring, but are having a hard time finding qualified candidates to fill the spot. The poll surveyed small business owners nationally and in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin.

A Small Business Blueprint for Climate Policies that Bolster Job Growth and Economic Opportunity: An Assessment of the EPA’s Proposed Clean Power Plan
Small Business Majority released an assessment of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan on small businesses, showing it can help create market opportunities and mitigate the risk of climate change and extreme weather wrecking havoc on small businesses.

Small Business Owners Feel Disadvantaged When it Comes to the Electoral Process, Support Significant Reforms
Small Business Majority released a scientific opinion poll showing small business owners believe big corporations have more of an impact on government and the political process than small companies, and support significant reforms to the electoral process overall.

Louisiana Small Business Owners Want Public Lands Protected & Preserved
Small Business Majority released the results of a scientific opinion poll showing Louisiana small business owners believe protecting their state's natural assets is important to the success of local communities, and support extending the life of the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund, which helps protect the state's public lands.

Small Business Owners Support Legislation Reforming Patent System
Small Business Majority released a scientific opinion poll nationally and in California, Illinois, Kentucky, Nevada and Minnesota showing small business owners agree our nation’s patent system needs to be reformed and support legislation that would strengthen it.

New York Small Businesses Support Higher Minimum Wages for Cities and Counties
Small Business Majority released a scientific opinion poll showing the vast majority of New York small businesses support increasing the minimum wage and granting cities and counties the authority to set higher minimum wages above the state level.