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Bike shop owner hopes tax credits will put money in employees' pockets

John Crandall

John Crandall
Old Town Bike Shop
Colorado Springs, CO

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Taxes & Budgaet Policy

Small businesses have become a key weapon in politicians’ arsenals when arguing for practically any policy that has an economic impact. Policies associated with the current tax and budget debate are no exception. Countless rounds of legislative battles were fought in 2012 over what to do about the “fiscal cliff,” and now that lawmakers have resolved that issue, the debate over reducing our federal budget deficit is front and center.

Small Business Majority recommends a balanced approach to resolving our tax and budget dilemma that is mindful of our long-term deficit while cognizant of the fact that our economy isn’t out of the woods yet. As lawmakers tackle the deficit, any short-term measure or comprehensive deficit reduction deal must continue to invest in America to boost job creation. That means pursuing revenue positive corporate tax reform that eliminates loopholes favoring large companies and promotes a level economic playing field where everyone pays their fair share.

We recommend the following policies (for most of which our opinion polling shows small businesses support) as key elements of a balanced approach to our fiscal needs.


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