Policy Agenda: Immigration

Small Business Majority
Fri, 02/09/2018

Immigrants are twice as likely as the average person to start small businesses. As such, they are an essential component of our entrepreneurial, job-creating economy. We must have public policies that foster this economic dynamism. Moreover, small businesses' hiring pool is limited under current immigration laws. More and more we hear from small business owners that they struggle to find qualified workers and need a larger applicant pool. Meaningful immigration reform will help satisfy that gap and drive expanded economic growth.

Small Business Majority's polling shows a vast majority of our nation's small business owners agree that the most appropriate immigration solution is to create a path toward citizenship accompanied by effective enforcement. Three-quarters believe we would be better off if people who are in the country now illegally became legal taxpayers, so they can pay their fair share. We must implement responsible immigration reform and combat policies that inhibit the economic benefits our immigrant population brings to our country. This includes:

  • Passing a comprehensive immigration law guaranteeing eventual citizenship for those who play by the rules and contribute to our economic success, coupled with appropriate and reasonable employment verification provisions.
  • Finding a long-term solution for recipients of Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA), understanding that young immigrants like the Dreamers who have been protected under DACA are the lifeblood of entrepreneurship–they work at small businesses, start new ventures at twice the rate of the others and contribute to our nation’s economic success. 
  • Supporting expansion of the H-1B visa program to allow more visas for low-skilled workers.
  • Opposing efforts to needlessly inhibit the success of immigrants in the country when there is no countervailing security reason to do so.